Nalovi Reference Sheet

Nalovi is the main character of the first installment in the Ehldyrnyhs comic series: Eye of the Storm.

There are several main characters in Eye of the Storm, however, Nalovi is most pictured, and it is mostly told from her point of view. She is depicted as neutral. 

Name: Nalovi Furenn Nicknames/other Alias: Sky Screamer, Rage of the Sky, Blue Wind, Skyweaver, Nalo, Vi, Aether, Zero-Skyasis.

Age: Varies based on time in the timeline

Family: Dragal (Dragon)

Species: Etalinin Dragal

Magic: Sky/Storm/Wind

Religion: Eldyen (Dragal Religion)

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: ...

Place of birth: Netaryiam Island


Regular non-magic abilities (stats) :

Advanced Flight Very High Speed, Very High Agility, Medium Strength, High to Very High intelligence

Other Abilities: 

Aether Lightning Fire Breath Lightning Bolts Wall climbing and jumping Minimal digging

Magic Abilities:

Control, Manipulate and Create -Wind -Storm -Lightning -Sky She also uses spells from the element of Sky (Wind, Storms, Lighting, Sky magic)

Create "Blue Wind" Armor Able to sense Storms

Alternate Forms:

"Blue Wind" Mode "Blood Wind" Mode "Blue Lightning" Mode "Aether Ascension" Mode

Aether Ascension Mode is the most powerful. 


Loyal to a flaw, caring, kind, protective, recluse, guarded, violent, short-tempered, stubborn, rebellious, sassy, Alert, Clever, daring, dynamic, Energetic, Humorous, impatient, reliable, Selfless, Destructive, a bit shy, sometimes unstable, harsh, vengeful, suspicious, doesn't forgive easily, holds grudges, occasionally neurotic, turbulent. 

Nalovi is a combat oriented dragon, both magic and physical. Nalovi is built for speed and agility, her wings are shaped for high speed, agility, flight and gliding. Her wings are slightly curved to ride the air drafts. Nalovi's scales are tough, and durable, but not nearly as much as other dragons who are built to be melee physical fighters. Nalovi relys on speed and agility to quickly strike at her opponent, and the jump back to plan her next assault. Nalovi excels at aerial and aerial combination combat. Aerial is combat completely in the sky, aerial combination combat is both land and air fighting. She is decent at ground combat, but she is not nearly as skilled on the ground as she is in the air. Nalovi can summon elements from the Aether plane, such as orbs of wind, or creatures of the sky created from sky magic (such as spectral wind dragons and spectral eagles). Nalovi also uses sky magic for combat, it is imagination based and spell based. She cast both spells and attacks which she uses (such as empowering her claws with wind so her attacks will be more powerful). And spells such as 'Storm Siege'. Spells generally cost her more magic energy that imagination based magic, but generally the spells are more powerful.  Nalovi has five talons, which are short and slightly curved, which allow her to grip rocks, and run without much interference from her claws. Nalovi is a blue-gray dragon with brighter and more saturated markings. She has teal eyes that are very intense and glow slightly when she is using magic. She has medium length dull silver horns and short slightly curved claws. She has ears that are quite noticeable and move when she is feeling certain key emotions such as, happiness, sadness and anger. Nalovi has belly plate scales, which are a darker color than her normal scales. She has a pale faded stripe of a lighter color going down from the tip of her nose down to the middle of her tail. Her tail spade is unique and is very sharp, it can be used for stabbing and slashing. She has spikes going from the start of her back all the way down to her tail. Nalovi's wings are like a birds, but the feathers are much more strong and harsh. The first layer of feathers are prickly, but the bottom layer of her feathers are much softer. Her wings are very powerful, and her wings can be used to attack. Getting slapped with a wing would most likely knock back or stagger an opponent. The curved "claws" on her wings can be used to hang on branches and things similar to branches. Her feathered wings allow for silent flight, and more precision, since she can make micro adjustments with her feathers, unlike webbed wings, which lack feathers. Her wings are fire resistant, but not fire proof. She can fly if her wings are wet, but her flight will not be silent. Nalovi also has scars from past experiences, the scars are paler and shinier than her normal scales. Her Fire is Aether Lightning Fire, it is a pale blue/white flame that is electrically charged. It is destructive, and very hot due to the lighting laced within it. Nalovi has quite a loud roar, if she roars the loudest she can, it can be heard about 4-8 miles away, depending on the location. It sounds sort of like this:…

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